Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education (SMSC)

SMSC underpins our determination to maintain a thriving, confident and friendly family school. Our students are encouraged to explore their thoughts, feelings and understanding of SMSC through the school’s thoughtful and wide-ranging curriculum and extra-curricular programmes.



At Aspire, students learn about and develop respect for beliefs and experience; faiths, feelings and values. Through our scholarly structures they enjoy learning about themselves, others and the wider world. Our students are encouraged to develop their opinions and use their imagination and creativity and to reflect on the full spectrum of diversity.



The Aspire GOLDEN culture is based around rewards and recognition. This inspires our students to be the best they can be and strive for ‘Success, nothing less’. Through this they develop a real understanding of right and wrong. We work closely with external agencies to strengthen the community ethos and create a safe environment for our students to thrive.  Students have a clear voice at Aspire and they are proactive in helping staff to make Aspire better every day.



Aspire is a tolerant and welcoming school. Our trained Champions (LGBT, Anti-bullying, mental health, substance misuse and positive behaviours) support and encourage positive social interactions throughout the school day and beyond. At Aspire learning is not limited to the classroom and students regularly take part in extra-curricular activities to help them develop positive relationships and social confidence as they prepare for life after school. We are constantly looking to enhance our broad and rich offer to introduce them to wider social situations.



We celebrate a diverse and multicultural school community. Individuality is an accepted norm at aspire where students can develop their own cultural beliefs. We break down cultural barriers by providing students with the opportunity to experience different cultures first hand. We explore British Values and their importance and our School Parliament is structured to reflect and give a deep understanding of British Democracy.


SMSC is explored through assemblies, tutor time, PSHE, RE, visiting speakers, community links, subject links and role modelling.